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Advanced Dental Technology in San Jose

Making Complex Dentistry Easier

Here at Suezaki Family Dentistry, our doctors understand that advanced equipment and up-to-date techniques are critical in making your experience as painless and stress-free as possible! We want you to feel relaxed and trust in the quality of our dental treatments. Investing in state-of-the-art dental equipment and staying current with the latest and greatest dental techniques is part of the Suezaki Family Dentistry philosophy.


Technology is an important part of our office, and we use it often in our restorative dentistry care. We’re equipped with CEREC technology which makes creating your ceramic restorations more convenient for you! CEREC ensures a perfect fit and uses computers to get the most natural-looking restoration for your individual smile.

Sirona Intra-Oral Camera

Having a better view of your entire mouth is key to allowing Dr. Patrick and Dr. David Suezaki to customize your treatment plans to meet your dental needs! At Suezaki Family Dentistry, we incorporate the Sirona Intra-Oral Camera to do just that. This is a small, handheld camera that our doctors and team can easily move inside your mouth, capturing every corner and crevice. The images are then displayed on a large monitor, allowing you to see exactly what our doctors see. Once these images are captured, Dr. Patrick and Dr. David can then review these with you, pointing out any areas of concern or teeth that need special attention.

Air Abrasion Cleaning

Gone are the days of a loud and noisy drill! At Suezaki Family Dentistry, we utilize a special new cleaning technique known as air Abrasion. Air abrasion technology is used as an alternative to a dental drill and can make removal of decay more comfortable for patients.

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