250 Montclair Ave, # C, San Jose, CA 95116

Meet The San Jose Dental Team

Bridget Cruz Valencia
Dental Assistant

Bridget is a talented and enthusiastic dental assistant who recently completed her training at Carrington College. Bridget brings a fresh perspective and a passion for providing exceptional care to our patients. Her dedication to learning and attention to detail make her a valuable addition to our dental team. Bridget’s friendly and approachable nature helps create a welcoming environment for our patients, putting them at ease during their dental visits. We are excited to have Bridget as part of our team and are confident that she will continue to thrive and make a positive impact in the field of dentistry.

Sayla Barajas
Registered Dental Assistant

Anik Poirier
Administrative Assistant

Anik is a graduate of San Jose City College and recently made a career change into dental management.  Prior to working in dental, she worked in the fashion and retail industry for over 20 years.  She loves to work with new technology, and is extremely into the latest and greatest advances, and the new updated advanced technology present at the office is something that drives her to be a lifelong learner.  Outside of the work, Anik enjoys being creative with knitting, cross stitching sewing, and also dabbles in photography.  Above all Anik loves to spend time with her family, taking care and enjoying spending time with her two boys.

Amelia Adams
Treatment Coordinator, Registered Dental Assistant, Certified Dental Assistant

Amelia is a graduate of Andon College and has been with Suezaki Family Dentistry since 1984. She’s happy to help answer your questions and schedule your next visit to the office. Amelia is also licensed as a registered dental assistant and a certified dental assistant. And the learning doesn’t stop there for Amelia; she’s has received her certification and is a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Management.  Amelia volunteer teaches at Foothill College and works with Tooth Fairy Systems to help dental assistants become RDAs. Amelia says if she weren’t working in dentistry, she would have probably chosen a career in retail management. 

Claire at Suezaki Family Dentistry in San Jose, CA

Claire Yap
Registered Dental Hygienist

Claire is a graduate of Cabrillo College and has been working in dentistry since 1998. As your registered dental hygienist. Claire has all of the tools and techniques to help keep your teeth clean and your smile in good health. Claire enjoys helping and interacting with her patients to show them the best ways to care for their teeth in between cleanings. Claire says if she weren’t part of the family at Suezaki Family Dentistry, she’d be working as a nurse or volunteer in the healthcare field taking care of other people. She loves watching generations of patients come through the doors and seeing how families grow and change. In her spare time, Claire likes running in fun races and volunteering with her daughter’s class to teach kids healthy brushing habits. When the holidays roll around, Claire makes extra time in her schedule to put together dental care packages (brushes and flosses) for the homeless community.

Daisy Renteria
Registered Dental Assistant

Daisy is a graduate of the Central County Occupational Center. She’s been working in dentistry since 2014. Daisy is always reliable and ready to help our doctors chairside during your treatment while making sure you’re always as comfortable as possible. As a dental assistant, you might also find Daisy sterilizing dental instruments and equipment, preparing your treatment room, and helping you take care of your smile after your visit with us is complete. Daisy says the best thing about the work she does is watching patients walk out of the office with a huge, healthy smile on their face. She’s excited to be a part of our dental family and work in a unique office with generations of dentists caring for generations of patients. When she’s not at work, Daisy enjoys going to the beach, shopping, and spending time with family.